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California Lakes

California Lakes

California lakes are some of the most sought-after vacation destinations. There are a number of recreational activities one can do on these lakes, but houseboating is one of the most popular. Shasta Lake in northern California has been called the houseboat capital of the world and has turned up on several top-ten lists. Shasta Marina at Packers Bay is situated on this notable lake, offering houseboat rentals to vacationers wanting to get away from it all.

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Why Shasta Lake

There are reasons why Shasta Lake, of all the California lakes, has earned the title of houseboat capital of the world. Shasta Lake is fed by four rivers—the Sacramento River, the McCloud River, the Pit River, and Squaw Creek—and surrounded by a treasure trove of natural beauty. The 365-mile shoreline, which is larger than the entire San Francisco Bay, is lined with rugged mountains, including Mount Shasta, the second highest peak in the Cascades. This scenic wonderland includes waterfalls and hiking trails and the renowned Shasta Dam and Shasta Caverns. Shasta Lake is home to a wide variety and abundance of fish, making it a fishing paradise.

Why Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Shasta Marina is heralded as one of the friendliest marinas on the lake. Staff are welcoming, making sure that guests get properly launched on their houseboat and directing houseboaters to the best fishing spots, secluded coves, and hiking trails. Our houseboats are impeccably clean and fully stocked with modern conveniences, such as heating and air conditioning, entertainment centers, dishwashers, microwaves, swim slides, refrigerators, ovens, gas grills, and swim slides. With one of our houseboats, you’ll be able to enjoy a luxurious vacation in a scenic wonderland.

California lakes are some of the finest in the country, but Shasta Lake, with its stunning location and its wealth of recreational opportunities, is one of the top choices. And since houseboating has become an increasingly popular recreational option, Shasta Lake is one of the best places in the country for it. Call Shasta Marina at Packers Bay to plan your houseboat vacation!