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Answers to common questions.

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Shasta Marina at Packers Bay is located in the heart of Shasta Lake, 20 minutes north of Redding.

Directions — Northbound Interstate 5:

Take Interstate 5 North from Redding and drive about 15 miles to Exit 695 (O’Brien/Shasta Caverns Road). Turn left onto O’Brien Inlet Road. Continue under the freeway and turn left onto Interstate 5 South (there is no northbound exit), go two miles south to Exit 693 (Packers Bay Road). Turn right, then follow Packers Bay Road for two miles. Turn left as soon as you enter the public parking lot and follow the road to the marina entrance.

Directions — Southbound Interstate 5:

Take Interstate 5 South to Exit 693 (Packers Bay Road). Turn right onto Packers Bay Road, then follow Packers Bay Road for two miles. Turn left as soon as you enter the public parking lot and follow the road to the marina entrance.

Driving times from:

San Francisco: 4.5 hours
Sacramento: 3 hours
Los Angeles: 10 hours
Reno, Nevada: 4 hours
Portland, Oregon: 7 hours

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Answers to common questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

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Do you allow pets?

Yes, we allow two pets maximum. There is a fee of $8.00 per pet per night.

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Is there a special operating license required for houseboating?

No, we require only a valid driver’s license.

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What is the age requirement to rent a houseboat?

The minimum age is 25 years old, except for Mother’s Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend when it’s 30 years old.

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Can ski boats be rented without a houseboat?

No, all ski boats must be rented for the same allotted time as your houseboat rental.

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Do you sell fishing supplies at the marina?

We sell fishing poles, night crawlers, and a large variety of fishing tackle.

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Do you have adequate secure parking for vehicles at your marina?

Yes, we have plenty of parking for all sizes of vehicles. We also provide night-time security during our season. If you plan to bring a motorhome, please call in advance.

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Do you have a launch ramp?

We do have a private launch ramp for our rental customers, water level permitting.

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Do you offer daily and weekly moorage?

Our marina has annual, six-month, and monthly moorage. We are able to offer a temporary courtesy dock to our houseboat customers.

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How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

To be sure to get the boat model and dates you want, you should make your reservations six months to a year in advance. The summer months are the most popular, so booking early is recommended. Our off seasons still supply marvelous weather–the lake is less crowded then and the prices are affordable. Because of the possibility of cancellations, we offer a waiting list–so don’t hesitate to inquire about any date. If you require very specific dates, we recommend booking 12 months in advance.

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Are there any other costs involved in renting a houseboat (i.e. taxes, insurances, or other fees)?

No, we have conveniently combined everything into your rental amount. You will only be responsible for your fuel charges at the end of your trip.

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What charges can be taken from my deposit?

Your deposit can be used to pay for cleaning, boat damage, loss of inventory, or late fees that you incur.

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Do we need experience to drive a houseboat?

We have many first-time boaters. The captain of the boat, as well as a few members of your party, will receive a hands-on orientation. The amount of time spent depends on your boating experience and the number of questions asked.

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Will my cell phone work at the lake?

Yes, most cell phones get reception in the wide-open areas of the lake. Some cells may experience difficulty in the coves. We advise you contact your service provider for a coverage map. You should give family our office number in case of emergencies.

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Do you allow customers to store gasoline-filled containers on board?

No, for many safety reasons, we do not allow any sort of fuel to be stored on our houseboats or ski boats. All containers must be stored on land.

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Are campfires on Lake Shasta permitted?

Yes, you can obtain a free fire permit issued by the Forest Service. We offer these permits in our office and on our dock.

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Are personal watercraft allowed on Lake Shasta?

Yes, personal watercraft are allowed on our lake. If you don’t have your own, they are available to rent.

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Are there restaurants on the lake?

Yes, there are several places to eat on the lake. Please call for details.

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