Our First 16' x 65' Foot Sumerset Luxury Houseboat Has Arrived | Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Our First 16′ x 65′ Foot Sumerset Luxury Houseboat Has Arrived

06/11/2018 | by teamporter | Houseboats Vacation Rentals


It started with a conversation and a design on a blank napkin and our vision became reality after nine months of design, building, refining and completing the more than a 2,600 mile road trip from Kentucky to California. The first of five new Sumerset Houseboats has made her debut at Shasta Marina at Packers Bay. The other four new boats are scheduled to arrive about every two weeks through July.

The hull of the Sumerset is 16 feet wide, which requires special permits from each state and a special “oversize load” delivery convoy to transport the boat from Kentucky to California. Additionally, the Sumerset Houseboat is too tall to fit under freeway underpasses and bridges to deliver assembled. Once the boat is constructed and quality tested at the manufacturer, the upper deck is removed and shipped separately with the hot tub, railings and other special equipment on separate trucks. Once the houseboat arrives at its destination, the upper deck is reassembled and the interior furnishings are installed and displayed.

The date was set and the invitations were out for the open house to debut the first Sumerset for May 18, 2018, weeks in advance of the boat leaving Trifecta Houseboats in Kentucky. Unknown at the time, the delivery of the first Sumerset would experience several unexpected delays in transport and arrive in northern California just hours before the event.

The team at Shasta Lake Houseboat Sales partnered with the staff at Shasta Marina at Packers Bay as well as other independent vendors to work together in an “all-hands-on-deck” build and completed the construction and transportation of the Sumerset into the water at Shasta Marina at Packers Bay in less than 10 hours. This process usually takes three to five days. The time lapse video above highlights the process of preparing a boat from delivery to the water. The end result is the newest, largest, most luxurious boat for rent on Shasta Lake this summer. If you are interested in reserving one of the new Sumerset’s for 2018, please call the marina at 800.959.3359 for more information.

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