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Local Activities

Shasta Dam
Shasta Dam: Tour the second largest concrete dam in the U.S. Free tours provided at the visitor center.
BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 685 and head west until you reach the dam.
BY BOAT: Beach your boat on the east side of the dam and walk up to the visitor center.
Shasta Caverns
Shasta Caverns: Begin your tour with a boat ride across Lake Shasta and then a scenic bus ride–going up 800 feet–to the caverns. You will see stalactites and stalagmites, draperies, helictites, and cave coral. BRING YOUR CAMERA!
BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 695, then go east and follow the Shasta Caverns signs.
BY BOAT: Go to the lower McCloud Arm on the east side, across from Holiday Harbor Marina. Tie off houseboats on the shore. Smaller boats may tie off on the dock.
Samwell Cave
Samwell Cave: The cave’s first room is open to the public. Samwell Cave is noted for its use among the Wintu Indians. In the closed portion of the cave, scientists have discovered cultural artifacts and Ice Age fossils. Legends tell of pools of magic powers and ritual ceremonies. A key from the Forest Service can by applied for if you wish to visit the entire cave.
BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 697, drive over McCloud Bridge, and park on the right-hand side.
BY BOAT: The cave is accessible by parking at Point McCloud. Follow the nature trail to the entrance at the north end of the McCloud Arm on the east side.

California Lakes

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