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Points of Interest

04/01/2018 | by teamporter | Insider
California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay
The 3 Shastas

Shasta Dam

Tour the one of the largest Concrete Dams in the U.S.  At 602 feet (183 m) high, it is the eighth tallest Dam in the United States. Located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley,  Shasta Dam creates Lake Shasta for long-term water storage, flood control and hydroelectricity. It’s the largest Reservoir in the state and can hold about 4,500,000 acre-feet. Free Tours provided at the Visitor Center. Open Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and closed Saturday and Sunday.

BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 685 and head West until you reach the Dam.
BY BOAT: Beach your Boat on the East side of the Dam and walk up to the Visitor Center.

Shasta Caverns

The Caverns are hundreds of feet inside the McCloud Limestone Mountain Range on Lake Shasta and has a year-round 58 degree environment.  J.A. Richardson, officially discovered the Caverns in 1878. Since 1964, they have been opened as a Natural Attraction to the Public.

Begin your Tour with a Boat ride across Lake Shasta and then a scenic Bus ride–going up 850 feet–to the caverns. You will see Stalactites and Stalagmites, Draperies, Helictites, and Cave Coral. They do allow Service Animals and supply Kennels and care for other Pets free of charge. BRING YOUR CAMERA!

BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 695, then go east and follow the Shasta Caverns signs.
BY BOAT: Go to the lower McCloud Arm on the east side, across from Holiday Harbor Marina. Tie off houseboats on the shore.

California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Samwel Cave

Samwel Cave is noted for its use among the Wintu Indians. Samwel is a Wintu word meaning holy place. Also known as the Cave of the Lost Maiden & Cave of Magic Pools. In the closed portion of the cave, scientists have discovered Cultural Artifacts and Ice Age Fossils. Legends tell of pools of magic powers and Ritual Ceremonies.

Samwel Cave is located at the eastern slope of Bollibokka Mountain with its portal opening southwards to the the upper McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake.  The trail, the Entrance Portal with the view and the first Chamber are freely accessible. The rest of the Cave is closed with a gate, for the protection of the Cave and the protection of the Visitors. The Permit and the Key is available from the Shasta Lake Visitor Information Center in Mountain Gate. While there are two fairly horizontal levels, which can be visited without difficulties, there is a deep drop to the lower level which requires Climbing Gear.

BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 697, drive over McCloud Bridge, and park on the right-hand side.
BY BOAT: The cave is accessible by parking at Point McCloud. Follow the nature trail to the entrance at the north end of the McCloud Arm on the east side.

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