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Fishing Resources

Phil’s Propellers: We specialize in high-performance bass boat propellers. We carry over 1,000 new and used propellers in stainless, bronze, and aluminum. We offer high-quality repairs of propellers on-site, as well as polishing services. Lakehead Trout Derby: We are in the Lakehead Community of Shasta Lake and would like to WELCOME all anglers old and young to […]

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Hiking Trails

Samwel Cave Nature Trail The Trail is 1 mile    Samwel Cave is noted for its use among the Wintu Indians. Samwel is a Wintu word meaning holy place. Also known as the Cave of the      Lost Maiden & Cave of Magic Pools. In the closed portion of the cave, scientists have discovered Cultural Artifacts […]

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Points of Interest

Shasta Dam Tour the one of the largest Concrete Dams in the U.S.  At 602 feet (183 m) high, it is the eighth tallest Dam in the United States. Located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley,  Shasta Dam creates Lake Shasta for long-term water storage, flood control and hydroelectricity. It’s the largest Reservoir […]

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Dockside Grocery Delivery & Nearby Grocery Pickup

Farmer’s Market: Start your trip off right! Allow Shasta Lake’s premier full-service supermarket to make your houseboat vacation fun from the start. It’s easy! Raley’s Lake Blvd This Redding location offers online shopping for pickup only. But at only 22 minutes away from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay, it’s an excellent option to stock up on […]

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While our houseboats offer a full kitchen and amenities for whipping up just about any recipe you can think of, sometimes it’s great to have someone else do the cooking for you. The locations listed below are some of our favorites. Basshole Brews: Catch the excitement! We also feature a tackle and bait shop. We are […]

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Little BackBone RockSlide BOAT ACCESS ONLY: Go to the Sacramento Arm at the end of Little Backbone Creek. Hike up the creek for approximately 20 minutes. Waters Gulch BOAT ACCESS ONLY: Go to the Sacramento Arm on the northern end near Packers Bay. This 20-foot waterfall is visible from the Waters Gulch Trail. Bear Creek […]

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