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California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Samwel Cave Nature Trail

The Trail is 1 mile

   Samwel Cave is noted for its use among the Wintu Indians. Samwel is a Wintu word meaning holy place. Also known as the Cave of the      Lost Maiden & Cave of Magic Pools. In the closed portion of the cave, scientists have discovered Cultural Artifacts and Ice Age Fossils.        Legends tell of pools of magic powers and Ritual Ceremonies.

    Samwel Cave is located at the eastern slope of Bollibokka Mountain with its portal opening southwards to the the upper McCloud Arm      of Shasta Lake.  The trail, the Entrance Portal with the view and the first Chamber are freely accessible. The rest of the Cave is closed          with a gate, for the protection of the Cave and the protection of the Visitors. The Permit and the Key is available from the Shasta Lake        Visitor Information Center in Mountain Gate. While there are two fairly horizontal levels, which can be visited without difficulties,              there is a deep drop to the lower level which requires Climbing Gear.

BY CAR: Take Gilman Road (Exit 698 off of Interstate 5), then go down to the Cave by a footpath, which starts 2.8 miles past the McCloud River Bridge.
BY BOAT: Go to Point McCloud (on the McCloud Arm) across from Ellery Creek Campground and follow the Nature Trail one mile up to the Cave entrance.

Packers Bay Trail System

A scenic, 4-Trail Loop System

There are four Trails in this System:

Waters Gulch Trail -2.8 miles

Overlook Trail – 0.4 miles

Fish Loop Trail – 0.7 miles

Eastside Trail 0.4 miles. 

These are open all year, but it is best to hike them in the Spring and Fall. Fish Loop begins at Packers Bay Parking Lot, Eastside begins at Shasta Marina’s Boat Ramp, Overlook and Waters Gulch begin 1/2 mile before Packers Bay Parking Lot (Trailheads and Gravel Parking Lot on the Right).

BY CAR: From the South, Take I-5 to Exit 695, turn Left, go under the Freeway and get back on I-5 headed South for one mile and then take Exit 693. Turn Right and drive down Packers Bay Road.

BY BOAT: Go to Packers Bay across from Bridge Bay.


Greens Creek Trail

The trail is 6 miles round-trip.

The Trail is steep and is considered to be moderately challenging.  It starts from the Greens Creek Boat-in Campground and it’s a 1,230 feet climb to the Ridge on this 6 mile course.  This Trail does provide some amazing views. The Trail passes through magnificent Limestone Formations that separate the McCloud and Squaw Creek Arms and then descends back to the Lake Level near the historic Mining Town of Bully Hill, where you can still see remains of the Bully Hill Zinc and Copper Mine that was in operation from 1870 to 1919.                                                                                                                                                                                          BOAT ACCESS ONLY: Go to the East side of the McCloud River or to Bear Cove on the Southwest Squaw Creek Arm.



California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Bailey Cove Trail

The Trail is 3.1 miles

This is a Loop Trail that takes about an hour to complete and is considered moderately challenging. The Trail is single track dirt and parallels the Shoreline. Some of the access is steep. Bailey Cove Trail is popular for Sightseeing, Fishing, Swimming and its Public Boat Ramp. There is a day use area and there is also a beautiful forested Campground.                                                                                                                      BY CAR: Take I-5 to Exit 695, Turn Right and then follow Shasta Caverns Road to Bailey Cove.                                                                                                                          BY BOAT: Go to the West side of the McCloud Arm



California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Sugarloaf Creek Trail

The trail is 2 miles

     Sugarloaf Creek runs year-round so the lush creek-side vegetation lure hikers to visit. The Trail parallels the Creek.  There is a                       Swimming Hole just South of where Lakeshore Drive crosses the Creek.
BY CAR: Take Lakeshore Drive (Exit 703), turn left, and follow the signs.
BY BOAT: The trail is accessible at Sugarloaf Creek, crossing on the Sacramento River Arm.

Clikapudi Trail

The Trail is a 7.6 – mile loop.

“Photo Courtesy of John Soares from Northern California Hiking Trails” https://northerncaliforniahikingtrails.com/blog/

  Clikapudi Trail is the longest maintained Trail on Lake Shasta where you can see great views of the Mountains,  explore the Pit River          Arm and Clikapudi Creek.  This Trail is considered Moderately Difficult. This is a popular  trail for Hiking, Horseback Riding and                Mountain Biking. It is accessible from three Trailheads, one at the Jones Valley Campground, also Jones Valley Boat Ramp Parking Lot    and halfway between, where the Trail crosses Forest Road 33N03. 

   BY CAR: Take I-5 to Oasis Road (Exit 683) to Bear Mountain Road, then take Jones Valley Road to the Jones Valley Boat Ramp.
   BY BOAT: The trail starts at Jones Valley Campground on the Pit River Arm and ends at the boat ramp.

Hirz Bay Trail

The Trail is 1.6 miles

      The trail begins and ends at day use areas near Campgrounds: Hirz Bay and Dekkas Rock. It’s a scenic walk following the Shoreline and crossing shady                Creeks over wooden Bridges with great vistas of the Lake. The Trail passes by Limestone Rock Formations and winds through groves of many types of                  Trees. There are day use areas that have Parking, Bathrooms, and other Amenities.

BY CAR: Take Gilman Road (Exit 697) to Hirz Bay Amphitheater.
BY BOAT: The trail can be hiked from Hirz Bay Amphitheater or Dekkas Rock Campground on the northwest McCloud Arm.

Hirz Mountain Lookout

This 20-foot Lookout Tower comes with a full 360-degree view. The Lookout is available for rent to the Public seasonally–by Reservation only–to anyone 18 years of age or older. Seasons normally run from May 1st through October 15th. The Lookout has a maximum capacity of four People. The Rental Fee is $75 per night with a maximum four-day stay per group/per year.   Check-in time is 2:00 p.m. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Make reservations to stay by calling the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) at 1-877-444-6777 or by contacting them through the web at www.Recreation.gov.

BY CAR: Take I5 to Gilman Road,  Exit 698, follow Gilman Road 5 miles to Road 35N04, Turn Left on to a limited sight distance single lane dirt Road. Road 35N04 is a high clearance Mountainous Road recommended for 4-wheel Drive Vehicles. Due tp slippery, steep terrain the last 1/4 mile of road access is for foot traffic only.

Dry Fork Trail

The Trail is 4.7 miles

This Trail was made to extend fishing access North of Shasta Dam. There are great views of the lake and Mt. Shasta and lots of opportunities to fish and swim.A trail following the shoreline to the Dry Creek Inlet. Great fishing and panoramic views.

BY CAR: Take I-5 to Shasta Dam Blvd. (Exit 685) and follow the Signs.
BY BOAT: The Trail is on the West side of Shasta Dam at a County Road that is only accessible when the Lake is down 15 feet or more.

California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Photo Collection: Relating to the Lawerence May Family. Contributor: The Bancroft Library, University of CA., Berkeley.

Bully Hill Mine

A scenic two-mile walk crossing creeks and great vistas.

BOAT ACCESS ONLY The mine is located at the Squaw Creek Arm on the northwest side. The ruins of Bully Hill Mine can be seen on a flat just above the north shore line. This was a copper-producing mine from 1901–1927 that sat just above the town of Delamar. You can reach the mine ruins by taking a 2.5-mile trail at Baxters Gulch and ending at the mine.


California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Little BackBone RockSlide

BOAT ACCESS ONLY: Go to the Sacramento Arm at the end of Little Backbone Creek. Hike up the creek for approximately 20 minutes.

California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Waters Gulch

BOAT ACCESS ONLY: Go to the Sacramento Arm on the northern end near Packers Bay. This 20-foot waterfall is visible from the Waters Gulch Trail.

California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Bear Creek Falls

BOAT ACCESS ONLY Go three miles past Stein Creek on the Pit River Arm. This is a 25-foot waterfall. Do not attempt to go by boat if the water is below 25 feet down; hike in. The waterfall is near Arbuckle Flat.

Indian Creek Falls

BY CAR: Take I-5 to Gilman Road (Exit 698) to Gregory Beach Campground.
BY BOAT: Access the waterfall across from the Antlers Resort on the Sacramento Arm.

California Lakes info from Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

Potem Falls

BY CAR: From I-5, take Highway 299 east 31 miles to Fenders Ferry Road (Road 27). Turn left and drive 9 miles to a pullout parking area on the left. There is a short, easy hike of 0.3 miles to the falls. *NOTE: Fenders Ferry road is a dirt road and a four-wheel drive or high clearance vehicle is recommended. Allow yourself about 1/2 hour to reach the turn out.

BY BOAT: Beach the boat close to the Pit 7 Dam in a safe place. Beware of dangerous conditions for parking your boat. Hike up to Fenders Ferry Road. Go over the bridge and follow the road one (1) mile.

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